Valerija V and 2hermano

Valerija Vocanec, creative director of independent label, Valerija V, and 2hermano

The two crossed paths while each on their own hero's journey. They immediately recognized each other as a creative extension of the other. They credit their union as the result of much self work, medicinal ceremonies and the discovery of following one's bliss.

Both are independent artists in their own right however this union brings something a new into the world via limited edition creations like usable/wearable art.

The collection, Weaving Dreams, is the first fruit of their union. The link below is a video look book of their first collaboration.

Look Book in motion:

Their art brings them together and unites them in perfect synergy without much effort, each inspiring the other. This is really the heart of the creative process.

There is no formula, just a natural alchemy. The two are able to put their parts together and inspire the other. Valerija will either get inspired by a sketch or design created by Gabriel or float an idea to him and the next dress/pattern is born.

The idea used for a dress then shows up in a painting or mural because it is all the same process.

The two are just beginning to scratch the surface of the creative possibilities and strength they have together. Their next project follows a process of seeing a painting transform into many forms, which dances between wearable art and things you find in the home. The couples affirmation, "Abracadabra, we create what me speak," also lends its name to the new project in the works, Abracadabra.