Valerija V.

This gypset sees the world as a poetic dream. This translates to her creations, which are physical manifestations of ideas, thoughts and observations. To Valerija, love is a rollercoaster of feelings that feed her endless creative rivers and oceans.

A creative director in the fashion world for over ten years, Valerija's latest project starts anew, yet is informed by years of design experience. Her keen understanding of elegance and beauty combines with an aptitude for the avant-garde to create an incomparably unique combination of past and present. Valerija's blueprints are transformed into truly remarkable creations of stunning splendor and polish.

Above all, Valerija meets the world with a whole, humble heart. A spiritual warrior, she wants to share her style-and lifestyle-with the world. This is where style and spirituality collide, to form a supernova of cutting-edge panache.

Valerija's ideas are from the heart. Without formal training, she has the space to think differently and let ideas flow directly from heart to head to their formal debut in the world. A world-traveler, Valerija channels inspiration from the most unlikely places and harvests her visions to yield irresistible wearable art.

Born in Australia to Slovenian Parents, Valerija's home base today is New York City, where she soaks up the architecture and incessant noise and lets the city meld with her sketchbook and the resulting confections.

Valerija V.: an angel in the city.