Valerija.V jewels are a gift to all who choose to embrace life's greatest potential. Each is incomparably unique and bestowed with energy aligned with the soul's destiny. Every piece is designed with purpose and intention--as can be seen and felt by its keeper.

Valerija.V jewels are reliquaries of energy and truth. They are tools, friends, and guides. Each jewel is distinctively named and powerfully charged to reflect its unique identity and given path.


Crystals are the Earth's DNA--chemical imprints of its evolution. They are indelible memories and records of the powerful forces that have driven the development of our planet.

Formed within the Earth, some crystals were subjected to enormous pressure, while others grew in chambers deep underground. Some were laid down in layers, others dripped into existence. Their formation is the source of their properties and the way they function in our lives.

Crystals have been used since the beginnings of written history. They were used in Biblical times, throughout Ancient Egypt, Rome and by nearly all the ancient cultures. Crystal practices have remained consistent; the same as those of the ancients. We are moving into an era of open-mindedness and a willingness to experience different modalities of life. The popularity of crystals is spreading rapidly, and as we search for our individual truths, Valerija.V jewels will aid in lighting the path before us.