While your Valerija.V jewels already contain their own unique vibrational energies, those energies can sometimes become low or depleted. Programming or charging a jewel is like giving a jumpstart to a weak battery. You should charge your jewels after you have cleansed them.

LENDING IT YOUR OWN ENERGY: You can transfer energy into your Valerija.V jewel in a number of ways to empower it. You can meditate and hold the jewel in the hand you write with, visualizing energy pouring into it. You can hold the jewel and charge it with your own breath. You can also charge it by placing it before you and directing energy into it with your intention.

MEDITATING: You can program a Valerija.V jewel by sitting with it and meditating on a particular focus you would like clarity around. "What can I do differently in this situation?" It can be given a specific task you may need assistance with, "Help me focus, and guide me." It is always nice to show your gratitude for the assistance it is giving you; a simple thought of "thank you" will help encourage your jewel to work even more!

MUSIC/SOUND: Different instruments are associated with different vibrations, as are different notes on the musical scale. You may want to do some research to find the proper associations to match your Valerija.V jewels, and then play music for them. You can also use a tuning fork or "singing bowl," which is a crystal bowl that makes a heavenly sound.

CRYSTAL CLUSTERS: Crystal cluster chunks or caves are known to be self-charging, and will charge other crystals placed upon them. Be sure to put a soft cloth over the crystal cluster before placing your Valerija.V jewels on it to avoid scratching them.