Crystal Cleanse

Cleansing Valerija.V jewels is not about physically cleaning them, but about removing any unwanted energies that they may have absorbed. You should clean your jewels regularly, particularly when:

- you first obtain them
- they are worn frequently
- when traveling
- after you have been ill
- after you have gone through a negative ordeal
- if it has come into contact with a stranger or person harboring negativity
- when they feel weak, or have a strange vibration or energy.

BREATH - Particularly useful for a quick cleanse. Take a deep breath and blow on the jewel quickly using your full breath; visualize the negative energy being blown out of the stone. Repeat this three times.

MOONLIGHT - The light of the full moon is a powerful cleanser, and is 100% safe for all Valerija.V jewels.

INCENSE - Another fool-proof method for cleansing a Valerija.V jewel is to hold it in the rising smoke of a cleansing or purifying incense. Sage, sandalwood and lavender are excellent choices for this method. Simply suspend the crystal over the smoke, avoiding contact with the heat source.

SMUDGING - White Sage is particularly effective for clearing negative energy. Light the smudge stick with a candle and hold the Valerija.V jewel in the smoke. Watch the smoke rise around the jewel; you will see it cling around the crystal, as if it has an aura of smoke.