Crystal Care

Valerija.V jewels are nature's gifts. They are microcosms containing all of the earth's positive energies in a single, pocket-sized source. If you take these simple measures in caring for your crystals, they will last you longer and serve you well.

In order to keep your Valerija.V jewels in good condition, consider some of the suggestions outlined here.


Exposure to salt can scratch the surface and cloud the clarity of your Valerija.V jewels. Some crystals are water-soluble and can begin to deteriorate if submerged for an extended period of time. Many crystals with vibrant colors, such as amethyst, turquoise and fluorite, can fade with prolonged exposure to the sun.


Your Valerija.V jewels are precious gifts of the earth, and should be treasured. The first thing you should consider in your crystal care is a proper storage system to prevent any damage.

Keeping an assortment of crystals in a bag may cause them to harm each other. Some harder crystals, such as quartz, will begin to nick, scratch, and chip away at the softer crystals, such as calcite.

If you plan on storing your smaller stones away or traveling with them, one of the best storage systems you can invest in is a compartmentalized plastic tray with a tight-fitting cover. These are available at craft stores. The clear ones are especially nice to have because you can see the contents without opening them. Smaller crystals can be stored nicely into their own little section to avoid bumping or scratching other crystals

Cotton or natural packaging

If you like to carry your Valerija.V jewels with you, you should wrap them individually in a soft, cotton cloth before putting them into your pocket or purse. Natural fibers will not impede the flow of their energy, but will protect their surface from coins and other things you may be carrying. If you like to carry an assortment of jewels in a pouch, each one should be individually wrapped in a cloth to protect it from the others.

Dust: the enemy

Another possible enemy of Valerija.V jewels is dust. If you rub the dust off a crystal with a cloth, it could act as an abrasive, scratching and dulling the surface. Instead, run the jewel briefly under a faucet to rinse off the dust, and then let it dry naturally.